Castles, cliffs, and a whole lot of cultural wonders!

June 27, 2016 Destinations, SuperStar Aquarius

Found in the Okinawa region of Japan as its capital and largest city, Naha blends a distinct taste of Japan’s natural and architectural identity while having that mysterious appeal to it. Here are Top 3 destinations within this budding travel hotspot:

  • Shurijo Castle

Serving as the former capital of the Ryukyu kingdom, Shujiro was the center for politics, foreign affairs, and culture, while also being the residence of the Ryukyu kings for several centuries. Highlighted by its Chinese and Japanese architectural influences, the Shujiro castle was included as one of Japan’s proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage. Photo from .


  • Manzamou

Named by the King Shoukei of the Ryukyu Dynasty, Manzamou means “an area of grass to sit 10,000 people.” Known populary with a cliff resembling an elephant’s nose, it is located in the middle of the coast of the Okinawa main island, housing ancient coral reefs and plants considered as special natural treasures. Photo from


  • Shikinaen Garden

Another of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Shikinaen features a beautiful, relatively simple, wooden palace buildings with Okinawan style, red tile roofs and a spacious Japanese style landscape garden. Despite a garden design style seen elsewhere in Japan, the architecture and flora give Shikinaen a uniquely Okinawan flavor. Photo from 


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