Refreshing Fresh Juices Onboard

May 15, 2014 Shop & Cruise, Star Cruises, SuperStar Aquarius, SuperStar Gemini, SuperStar Libra, SuperStar Virgo

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Nowadays, people are more into nutritious yet good tasting drinks to stay fit and healthy. When you sail onboard Star Cruises, you can also enjoy this kind of beverages while enjoying your cruise getaway. Whether you are sailing onboard SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Gemini, SuperStar Libra, SuperStar Aquarius, or Star Pisces, you can avail of these refreshing drinks.  Choose any of the  five available juices namely Red Apple, Green Apple, Orange, Honeydew, & Watermelon.

Quench your thirst with these all-natural and delicious juice! Order at least 3 days before your cruise to avail of our 10% online discount.

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