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With the influx of a wider travel mindset and accessibility to travel options, Japan has become a perennial travel hot spot for travellers who want to get the best out of their trips.

Aside from the more notable locations in Japan, one of its hidden gems that has been gaining traction of late has been Miyakojima. This secluded island known for its rich nature and mild climate all year round is truly both an intriguing and exciting visit. Here are top 3 reasons to convince you to check out Miyakojima:

1. Japan’s Blue Beauty. Aside from being renowned for its beautiful blooms in spring and white blankets in winter, Japan is also renowned for being a great summer hot spot with its amazing beaches in Miyakojima. With its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, Miyakojima is the clearest ocean in Japan, ranking #4 among its Top 20 beaches. Photo taken from Pinterest. 


2. Seafood Indulgence. Miyakojima is famous for its freshest and delicious seafood cuisine on that side of Japan. With an ocean chock-full of huge lobsters, shrimps, fish, and other exotic seafood, you will never go hungry in Miyakojima. Photo from


3. Blast to the Past. Beyond the sceneries and food & drink, Miyakojima is a cultural hotbed of Japan’s days of old. With distinctly Asian architecture, Okinawan traditional music and arts, and a culture centered on Japanese and Chinese inspiration, Miyakojima creates and welcomes you into a unique and islandish accord with its visitors. Photo from

Miyakojima remains one of the great secret spots in Japan, but it won’t be long soon that this shining beauty of an island won’t find its way onto tourists’ Japanese travel itineraries.

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